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SB Player

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A software Squeezebox player for your Android device. If you've never heard of Squeezebox please do a Google search before purchasing. This app only has controls for connecting to servers, it does not have any playback controls. To control playback you will need a use a Squeezebox remote app like Squeeze Ctrl, or use the web controls of your server.Requirements:Devices running Android 4.1 or higher. Works best on Android 5.0+
Features:- Supports both local servers and (you will need to have a account)- Automatically discovers local servers on your network.- Supports playback of music files on your server and internet streams.- Natively decodes Flac, MP3, AAC, Ogg, Alac, and PCM (AIF and Wav) audio.- Natively supports playback of 24bit audio by converting to 16bit (with dithering).- Continues playing when the app is in the background.- Can handle music with lower than 44.1Khz sampling rates, common with internet radio.- Supports fade in, fade out, and crossfading between songs.- Supports synchronized playback with other players.- Supports single channel mode for using two sync'd players as left and right channels- Supports track/album gain for songs.- Automatically pauses playback for phone calls.- Option to pause audio when the headphones are unplugged.- Option to launch directly into the notification area without showing an app view.- Option to limit playback to only lossy compressed formats for low bandwidth situations.- Option to auto-detect connection type (3G/4G, Wifi, or ethernet) and set the bandwidth accordingly.- Option to disable 24->16bit dithering and/or use lower quality resampling for use on slower devices.- Option to output higher than 44.1kHz audio on devices that support it.- Works with the apps in MyApps that are allowed by Logitech to work on software players.- Experimental support for floating point PCM output on Android 5.0+ devices.- Experimental support for DSD Audio playback by converting to PCM. Requires LMS 7.9.
Limitations:- Android 4.x can only support up to 16bit/48kHz audio. Android 5.0+ allows higher resolution formats.- Only works with ShoutCast and plain http internet streams, which accounts for the majorityof streams. Will not work with MMS and MMSH streams, which are mainly used for WMA audio.- Apps like Rhapsody (and possibly Spotify) will not work with this app because Logitech restrictsthem to hardware players only. I've been told that paid Pandora should work.- Any stream that requires resampling by the app may not work well on slower devices. - The quality of synchronized playback can vary a lot depending on the device.It works well on a Galaxy Nexus, but it won't be perfect and will need to be adjusted in your serversettings. Android 5.0+ recommended for synchronized playback.